In order for freshmen to better understand the complexities of the modern global business environment and the importance of ethical business practices and civic engagement, Management 100 (also known as FIRST Step) was designed to anchor the first-semester business curriculum. In this course, students learn essential business critical thinking skills through real-world case studies, lectures, and multimedia presentations.

A pivotal aspect of the course requires that freshmen cultivate their abilities to work in a team environment. Mentored by an upper-class business student,  the freshman cohort engages with a local not-for-profit organization that has presented a particular business challenge which needs to be addressed. The team must work cohesively throughout the semester to develop a potential solution or solutions to their clientele’s particular issue or challenge. A formal presentation of the freshman product to the client is the culminating event of the semester. The course has been taught in the Fall and Spring and will be taught this Fall.
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