September 06, 2017

Student Spotlight - Maria Britios, MA in Communication Studies


Applicable to a wide variety of industries and careers, mastering the art and science of communication is key to leadership development and career advancement. For Maria Britos, current UOnline Master of Arts in Communication Studies student, a graduate degree in communication was integral to the advancement of her career in broadcast media.

Britos, who was born in Paraguay, graduated from FIU with a Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Communication in 2014. As a student, Britos interned or Univision Communications as a news intern where she helped the production teams with tasks such as producing small news briefs and researching information or reporters’ packages. It was here that she developed a passion for the broadcast media industry.

After graduation, Britos accepted a full-time position as a production assistant with the beIN Media Group. As a production assistant working with a variety of communication platforms, Britos decided that she required additional education to master the communication skills necessary to advance within her industry.

“I felt like I needed to go back to school after going into the field of communication briefly. I decided there were many things that I didn’t know that I could benefit from advancing my education further.”

After looking into several communication programs, a coworker recommended Britos consider the University of Miami. Taking the advice of her colleague, Brito’s discovered that the University had a graduate program in communications studies that would help her develop the skills required to advance her career. Additionally, Brito choose an online program since it would allow her to complete her degree while continuing to work as a production assistant at beIN Media Group. 

“I love the program because I get to work around my schedule. Most days I go to work and I come back home and immediately start homework. I still try to maintain a social life by making sure I complete my work by the deadlines. So far I am still able to manage school, work and my personal life.”

In the classroom Britos, is currently taking a course in conflict management where she has been able to interact with a diverse group of students who offer a global perspective on the material that is covered. Additionally, Britios says she has been immediately able to apply what she has learned in class in both her professional and personal life.

“Right now I am taking a conflict management class. I have been able to apply what I have learned in both my personal and professional life. The professor is always very helpful and attentive to each student and his or her needs. She adds a very humanistic aspect to an online class, which I find unique.”

After graduation, Britos hopes to fulfill her career ambitions of becoming a full-time producer or on-camera reporter.

“With my master’s degree I am hoping I can find the opportunity that will help me achieve my career goals.” 

The communication studies program at the University of Miami builds effective leadership and communication skills. To find out more, call an enrollment advisor at 800-411-2290 or visit the site for more information.