Prof. Victoria Orrego-Dunleavy, PhD


Master of Arts in Communication Studies

Course Sequence

Course Sequence
Course sequence is subject to change.

Course Descriptions

COM 601 - Theories of Communication

Comparison of theories dealing with the processes and effects of communication is discussed.

COS 682 - Organizational Communication

This course explores theoretical perspectives and the impact of communication in organizations. Critical analysis includes management styles, decision-making, group interaction, conflict resolution, and diffusion of innovations.

COS 674 - Interpersonal Communication

This course focuses on theoretical approaches to interpersonal communication. Emphasis is placed on current research, including fundamentals of relationships, developmental issues, interaction management, and interpersonal competence.

COS 647 - Culture and Organization

This course explores the effects of cultural diversity on communication in organizations. Diffusion of cultural innovations, prejudice, discrimination, and equality are discussed.

COM 602 - Methods of Communication Research

Students will learn a comprehensive survey of communication research methods. Qualitative and quantitative approaches will be explained and practiced.

COS 616 - Small Group Processes

Techniques of discussion are applied to goal-oriented, small group situations. Consideration is given to research methods, leadership, and conflict resolution. Theory is applied to active classroom participation.

COM 603 - Qualitative Research Methodologies

Research methods and theories for participant-observation, phenomenology, symbolic interactionism, ethnomethodology, content analysis, and historical-critical interpretation are examined.85

COS 620 - Gender Issues in Leadership

This course utilizes case studies of innovation executives to analyze different leadership and communication styles between men and women.

COS 630 - Conflict Management

This course provides an understanding of conflict dynamics and strategies for constructive conflict management.

COS 672 - Persuasive Communication

This course is designed to provide students with a basic understanding of the role of communication in the persuasion process. This will be achieved by exploring historical and contemporary theories of persuasion as well as examining research that has focused on persuasion.

COS 660 - Executive Communicator

Audience analysis, speech writing, delivery in profession presentations, theory, and history of great speeches are covered. Detailed critiques of student speaking styles and performances are also included.

COS 691 - Advanced Special Topics in Communication Studies

This course subject matter varies according to announced special topic.