Student Staff - Security Assistant

Thank you for your interest in joining the Department of Housing and Residential Life as a student employee. Student employees play an essential role in serving our mission of "Student Housing for Student Success"

Information Sheet

Security Assistant Information Sheet


Security Assistants (SAs) are part-time student employees who are responsible for the night-time security operations of all the Residential Colleges. SA minimum work requirement is 14 hours per week (1 full shift and 1 half shift). SAs typically work two nights (14-20 hours) per week. Starting salary for an SA is $11.50/hour, with annual raises and opportunities for advancement.


The basic function of a security assistant is to screen individuals entering the residential colleges between 10:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m., verifying residency and registering guests. Other responsibilities of the security assistant include:

  • Monitoring the fire alarm
  • Answering the telephone
  • Maintain order in lobbies
  • Assist in emergency situations
  • Document nightly activities
  • Provide information


All applicants for this position must meet the following requirements:

  1. Be a full time undergraduate or graduate student.
  2. Be in good disciplinary standing with the University of Miami.
  3. Be available for a minimum of two academic semesters.
  4. Must demonstrate initiative, enthusiasm, and dependability.

Security Assistant Job Description

Security Assistant - Basic Expectations and Responsibilities

The Department of Housing and Residential Life and the Security Manager hold the following expectations for the Security Assistant:

  1. They must be positive role models on and off the job.
  2. The must know, enforce, and abide by all University rules and regulations.
  3. They must have a knowledge of all emergency policies and procedures so that they may appropriately respond should any of these emergencies occur.
  4. They must respond to disciplinary problems involving residents and fellow staff members calmly and reasonably, while maintaining an accurate record of the problems.
  5. They must seek to establish good communication and proper working relationships with Supervisors and other University staff.
  6. They must attend all security staff meetings & staff development sessions.
  7. They must help to maintain a clean, comfortable and professional working environment.
  8. They must maintain a positive attitude toward their position.

The basic responsibilities of the Security Assistant include the following:

  1. Screening individuals as they enter the Residential Colleges by checking their Cane Card or other picture ID.
  2. Checking in guests of college residents, and informing the host residents that they accept responsibility for the actions of their guests.
  3. Confronting and excluding any undesirable individuals from the Residential Colleges.
  4. Maintaining accurate and legible security Activity Logs, Guest Logs, and Failure to Show ID logs, and turning in copies of these logs to the AD and SM mailboxes at the end of each shift.
  5. Assisting the ADs and RAs as needed in each Residential College.
  6. Notifying Department of Housing and Residential Life on-duty personnel as needed.
  7. Assisting in emergencies as needed (health, fire, bomb threats, discipline incidents, etc.).
  8. Answering all telephone calls and responding in an appropriate manner.
  9. Attending all Security Assistant training programs and meetings, including college wide RA, DA, and AD staff meetings as requested.
  10. Performing additional assignments as deemed necessary.



Apply here:

A criminal background and student discipline record check will be conducted on all candidates who are being considered for employment. If you have questions about the application process, please contact Brandon Douglas at for assistance.